Marble Polishing

Marble flooring have many beautiful and different overall looks due to the whirling designs and shade options. You normally uncover their location in chapel structures and museums. These magnificent floors have that luxury glance however marble floor maintenance is a real nightmare. Mastering the smart marble floor maintenance essentials listed below will allows you to maintain the wonderful marble floor look for longer.

Daily Marble Floor Cleaning

The simplest possible way to protect the price look of your marble floor is to ensure it a daily cleaning.

It is essential to reduce the amount of grind and dirt by putting a large pad with waterproof cleaning detergents on the entrance. This will catch the dust and grinds before they manage to reach your precious marble floor surface.
Keep the marble floor clean from light muck and liquid spills by not allowing them to settle and penetrate into the stone. The best way is to use hot water, not too aggressive cleaning detergents and cotton mop when wiping the marble floor surface.
– Marble floor cleaning experts strongly recommend to be avoided any kind of chemical cleaning detergents which are not specially made for marble floor care otherwise you are risking to dull the polish of the stone. Best option is combining neutral liquid cleaning soap with a bit of ammonia as a floor cleaning solution for high traffic areas.

Regular Professional Marble Floor Polishing

Expert marble floor treatments are must for business buildings, office spaces and hotels due to the high traffic and dirt exposure. However it is also recommended for residential clients who want to ensure the great look of their homes. Floor polishing experts usually apply risk free detergents to clean the surface and protective oils to polish it at the end of the procedure. In many cases if the floor suffer serious damages it is recommended a marble floor sanding which will use abrasives to smoother the surface and reduces the cracks.

Restoration of you marble floor

The process of marble floor restoration is long, expensive and there are just a few floor restoration companies which are ready to handle it. Usually it is the only option for very damage marble floors, deep scratches, a lot of soil, lack of color or when natural color switched to yellow. So once you decide to go for marble floor restoration you need to be aware that it includes few major steps: deep floor sanding with special machines, honing, polishing and application of special top sealers. This method undoubtedly is a miracle however should not be done very often as it will lower the floor surface.

What to avoid when cleaning your marble floor

No matter what type of cleaning problem you are trying to handle on your marble floor try to avoid the following, otherwise you risk to cause more harm than good:

  • Never apply bleach
  • Do not use aggressive chemicals
  • Do not use scrubbing or hard abrasives

By following these simple rules you will manage to have the marble floor of your dreams.