concrete polishing

Like most surfaces, concrete gets dirty. This is especially true when concrete is exposed to natural elements such as wind, heat, cold, rain, snow, and more. Over time, the concrete will become blemished beyond what the eye can see and will require concrete polishing. It involves treating the concrete with a chemical densifier and grinding it with progressively finer grinding tools. This removes a certain amount of the outside layer to expose cleaner and newer concrete. At our company, we understand concrete polishing well, and we know how to make concrete shine.

Concrete polishing is considered efficient because it uses material that is already there. Also, because most building foundations have a concrete slab or exposed brick, this is considered an environmentally friendly option as we are not replacing or wasting any material. In addition, concrete reduces allergens and dust mite problems and can remain durable to last a long time. Therefore, concrete polishing is a smart way to protect your green investment. That is why we recommend it to property owners instead of replacing concrete.

When it comes to concrete polishing, we believe that concrete sanding is usually the method that is used. Concrete sanding can be time and labor intensive because polishing the concrete can involve up to 15 steps. That is where we come in. We do all the hard work well because we are skilled in this work due to our years of experience.

During the process, we use a densifier to harden the surface to allow for polishing to occur. In addition, during the polishing process, we may use a grouting chemical to fill in any holes or cracks. Once we have polished the concrete and all work is complete, we apply a solution to protect the surface from oils or liquid spills.

All in all, concrete polishing that includes concrete sanding can take some time when it is done professionally; however, this is hands down is the best option to have it done right. Also, the amount of concrete polishing with concrete sanding that we are doing will determine how long the project will take. We will let you know time frames and cost after our initial free consultation When all is said and done, you will have a fresh look and feel to your concrete.