Every floor needs occasional deeper cleaning, since normal sweeping and mopping won’t always suffice. Whether tile, wood or concrete, ceramic or marble, a floor can accumulate as much dirt and bacteria as any carpeted floor. That is why a regular deep cleaning is a must, if you want your floor impeccably clean. Plus, it restores the shine and good looks.

How it works?

Our experienced expert will pay you a visit at the scheduled date and time. He will have all the necessary materials to carry out the job.
He will then carefully inspect the floor to determine what would be the best approach. Once he has identified the best cleaning method, he will proceed with it.

Note that some types of cleaning are designed to include scrubbing, which usually removes sealant or polish. Do not worry, however, as we will re-apply a new layer after the cleaning is done.

The duration of the service, of course, depends on the size and condition of the floor, however, our machines are not noisier than a regular vacuum cleaner, so we will not disturb you (or your neighbours). We will only require that you remove all furniture in advance, so that the professional can reach all parts of the floor.