Marble Grinding And Polishing

Marble is one of the best choices when it comes down to flooring material. It is wear- and stain-resistant an easy to clean. However, over the years and with use, it loses its shine and good looks.
Marble grinding (also referred to as marble sanding) and marble polishing are services, specially designed to restore your marble floor back to it’s original shape.

Marble polishing is the best way to remove shallow dents, small damages and normal wear marks on your marble floor. Using the best polishing products and machinery (most of which is not available, unless purchased from specialized shops), we can easily restore the gleam that made you choose marble for your floors in the first place, while retaining its original color, texture and tone.

Not all damages, however, can be fixed with marble polishing. Often the floor needs to be ground/sanded in order to restore its looks, because even dragging a piece of heavy furniture across the floor can leave a dent that can’t be buffed away. Marble grinding is a simple and effective way to have your floors look like new again, without having to actually install anew.