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Flooring Services for Restaurants & Pubs – Expert Commercial Flooring Solutions


Welcome to Floor Restoration Team, we are one of the leading provider of exceptional flooring services tailored specifically for restaurants and pubs in Portsmouth and London area. Our expert commercial flooring solutions are designed to transform spaces, combining style, durability, and functionality to create inviting and functional establishments.

Why Our Flooring Services for Restaurants Stands Out?

Explore the unique qualities of our flooring solutions that make us the preferred choice for restaurants and pubs. Here is small example list of our services:

Commercial Floor Polishing for restaurants – Our seamless polishing process ensures minimal disruption to your business while delivering top-notch commercial flooring cleaning and polishing. We are a experienced contractors we do take pride in executing projects with precision. Trust us for reliable and efficient restaurant and pub flooring services.

Durable Flooring for Eateries – Discover our robust flooring options that withstand heavy footfall, spills, and constant activity without compromising on style. High-Traffic Area Flooring Solutions our high-traffic area flooring solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of busy restaurants and pubs, offering both durability and visual appeal.

Resilient Restaurant Flooring Options – Choose from a variety of resilient flooring options that ensure your restaurant floors maintain their elegance even in the face of heavy daily use.

restaurant floor polishing
restaurant floor polishing

Our Flooring Services and solutions for pubs and restaurants

Restaurant Flooring Solutions – Elevate your restaurant’s aesthetic appeal with innovative flooring solutions designed to address the challenges of high-traffic areas. Our expert team ensures a perfect blend of style and durability.

Pub Floor Restoration – Preserve the charm of your pub with our skilled artisans. Our pub floor restoration seamlessly blends historical preservation with modern upgrades for a timeless and welcoming atmosphere.

Commercial Flooring Services – Tailored commercial flooring services that meet the specific requirements of your business, ensuring a perfect reflection of your brand image. We prioritize functionality and style to create a cohesive environment.

Custom Restaurant Floors – Transform your restaurant’s interior with custom flooring tailored to your unique vision. Our custom restaurant floors seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, creating a distinctive atmosphere.

Pub Flooring Specialists – Rely on our team of pub flooring specialists who understand the nuances of pub environments. We provide durable and stylish solutions, ensuring your pub floors withstand the test of time.

Restaurant Floor Renovation – Planning a renovation? Our experts specialize in transforming restaurant floors, offering options from classic styles to contemporary designs. Revitalize your space with our floor renovation services.

Pub Floor Repair Services – Address wear and tear with our repair services. Ensure your pub floors remain visually appealing and structurally sound, enhancing the overall safety and attractiveness of your establishment.

Hospitality Flooring Experts – Our team comprises hospitality flooring experts dedicated to delivering solutions that align with the unique needs of restaurants and pubs. We understand the importance of creating a welcoming and durable environment.

Bespoke Pub Floors – Tailor your pub’s flooring to create a unique identity. Our bespoke pub floors capture the essence of your establishment, leaving a lasting impression on patrons and visitors alike.

Customized Restaurant Flooring – From cozy cafes to upscale dining, our customized restaurant flooring solutions cater to diverse styles. We ensure a perfect fit for your brand, enhancing the overall ambiance of your establishment.

Why Choose Our Flooring Services for Restaurants?

Discover why our flooring services are the preferred choice for restaurants and pubs. From innovative designs to specialized installations, we redefine flooring, ensuring it complements your brand and enhances the overall customer experience.

Flooring services for restaurants
Flooring services for restaurants

Services We Offer

Floor Sanding

Revitalize your floors with our professional sanding services. We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove imperfections, leaving your floors smooth and ready for the next stage of enhancement.


Achieve a glossy, polished finish that adds sophistication to your office or retail space. Our polishing services bring out the natural beauty of your floors, creating an inviting atmosphere for both employees and customers.


Maintain a pristine environment with our expert cleaning services. We use industry-leading techniques to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, ensuring your floors remain in optimal condition.

Carpet Cleaning

Enhance the overall cleanliness of your space with our specialized carpet cleaning services. We employ advanced methods to deep-clean carpets, leaving them refreshed and free of embedded debris. We provide not only steam carpet cleaning service in Portsmouth but Dry Carpet Cleaning service as well.

Benefits of using our services:


  • Expertise in Hospitality Flooring: Dedicated Hospitality Flooring Experts – Our team comprises specialists with extensive experience in hospitality flooring. We understand the specific challenges and requirements of restaurant and pub.
    environments, delivering solutions that cater to your industry’s unique demands.
  • Durable and Stylish Options: Durability without Compromising Style – We offer flooring options that strike the perfect balance between durability and style. Our materials are designed to withstand the high-traffic nature of eateries while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Experienced Contractors: Skilled and Experienced Team – Our contractors bring years of experience to every project. You can trust our skilled team to execute your flooring project with precision, delivering results that meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Restoration and Repair Services: Comprehensive Restoration and Repair – Beyond installations, we provide restoration and repair services. Preserve the historical charm of your pub or revitalize your restaurant floors with our expert repair solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Budget-Friendly Options – We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Our range of flooring solutions includes budget-friendly options, ensuring that you get the quality you desire without exceeding your financial constraints.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Dedicated to Your Satisfaction – Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. From the initial consultation to project completion, we prioritize open communication, ensuring that your needs are met at every step of the process.

We are specialist in cleaning, polishing and restoration of the following materials:

Wood Floor Sanding
Marble Polishing
Limestone Polishing
Concrete Polishing
Parquet Restoration
Terrazzo Cleaning
Tile polishing
Basalt Floor Cleaning
Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Natural Stone
Travertine Restoration

Areas we cover in Portsmouth and London

Our flooring services extend to various areas in both Portsmouth and London, ensuring that establishments in these regions can benefit from our expertise. Here are the specific areas we cover in Portsmouth:


Portsmouth City Centre: Postcode areas (PO1, PO5)
Southsea: Postcode areas (PO4)
Fratton: Postcode areas (PO2)
North End: Postcode areas (PO2)
Cosham: Postcode areas (PO6)
Port Solent: Postcode areas (PO6)
Hilsea: Postcode areas (PO2, PO3)
Eastney: Postcode areas (PO4)

map of Portsmothe and Southampton



Westminster: Various postcodes, including (SW1A, SW1E, SW1H, SW1P, SW1V, SW1W, SW1X, SW1Y)
Camden: Various postcodes, including (NW1)
Kensington and Chelsea: Various postcodes, including (SW3, SW5, SW7)
Islington: Various postcodes, including (N1)
Lambeth: Various postcodes, including (SE1, SE11)
Southwark: Various postcodes, including (SE1)
Hackney: Various postcodes, including (E8)
Tower Hamlets: Various postcodes, including (E1)

map of London

Contact Us

For unparalleled flooring solutions that exceed the demands of restaurants and pubs, contact us today. Let our expertise transform your floors into a standout feature of your establishment.


Q: What types of flooring services do you offer for restaurants and pubs?
A: We provide a comprehensive range of flooring services tailored for restaurants and pubs, including solutions for floor restoration, commercial flooring installations, custom designs, repair services, and more. Our expertise covers various flooring materials suitable for high-traffic and hospitality environments.

Q: How can I benefit from your bespoke pub floors service?
A: Our bespoke pub floors service allows you to tailor the flooring to match your pub’s unique style and atmosphere. We offer a variety of design options, materials, and finishes to create a customized solution that enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your pub.

Q: What makes your commercial floor installations suitable for eateries?
A: Our commercial floor installations are designed with the specific needs of restaurants and pubs in mind. We focus on durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, providing flooring solutions that can withstand high-traffic areas and contribute to a welcoming dining or pub environment.

Q: Can you handle flooring solutions for high-traffic areas in restaurants?
A: Absolutely. Our expertise includes high-traffic area flooring solutions designed to withstand the demands of busy restaurant spaces. We offer resilient and durable flooring options to ensure longevity and easy maintenance in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Q: What areas do you cover in Portsmouth and London for your flooring services?
A: We cover various areas in Portsmouth, including City Centre, Southsea, Fratton, North End, Cosham, Port Solent, Hilsea, and Eastney. In London, our services extend to Westminster, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Q: How can I request a consultation or quote for your flooring services?
A: Contact us through our website or give us a call. We offer consultations to discuss your specific requirements and provide detailed quotes based on the scope of the flooring project for your restaurant or pub.