Light sanding wood floor

Floor Sanding in Portsmouth is an involved process that should be carried out by professionals because it takes a multifaceted approach that can include some twists and turns. In terms of hiring a professional, you will want to have someone with in-depth knowledge do the work for you because you do not want to get caught off guard or go over budget when floor sanding. To understand more about why you want to use our services, you need to know about the process.

There are a number of floors that can be sanded including timber, cork, particleboard, and Parquet. These are designed for floor sanding. Other floors that may be sanded are those that are discovered under materials such as rugs or other floor coverings. Once we identify the wood as safe for sanding via a free consultation, our company will be able to move on to the floor sanding process. Floor sanding usually involves three stages: preparation, sanding, and coating with a protective sealant.

Most services are done using equipment such as floor sanders that are large and that include belts. For places like edges and stairs that these sanders cannot reach, we use smaller tools. Since proper floor sanding in Portsmouth involves the use of heavy tools, we proceed with caution and care as not to cause damage.

To prepare floors for sanding, our professionals hammer in nails that stick out. Then, any tacks or adhesives that may exist from previous work are removed so as to not damage the equipment and potentially interfere with the quality of work. Sanding is then done to remove the top layer of the wood and even out the wood. The time it takes our company to perform this process depends on the size of the surface of the floor that the professionals are working on. Once the sanding is complete and the floor is even, we will place a sealant is placed on the floor to protect it from scratches and other possible damage.

Throughout the process of floor sanding, we may find some core damage or poor wood. In this case, our company may take some other action to fix those areas and certainly, floors in these conditions will require a floor expert. We will communicate with you through the process to make sure you are not caught off guard.

Once we are done your floor sanding, you will enjoy a new and vibrant space. The new floor will help improve property value, improve lighting, and make you feel better by immersing you in a fresh environment.