Stone Grinding And Polishing

Natural stone proves to be an excellent flooring material. Be it granite, marble, limestone, sandstone or others, it makes any space look elegant, while at the same time providing durable and easy-to-clean surfaces.
A stone floor may last for centuries, but not its sealants and polishes. This is why it has to be regularly maintained in order to keep its good looks.

Stone polishing is a great way to eliminate flooring issues such as eroding polish, ingrained dirt and scratches from wear. Our stone polishing services are the cost-effective way to get rid of these issues and restore the beautiful looks of your stone floor.

Sometimes, however, polishing is not enough to remove heavier damage. This is why we also offer our designated stone grinding service. It is able to remove damage and stains of different origin.

The deep cleaning that our stone sanding and stone polishing services provide, are second to none, when comparing quality and price.