White Terrazzo Grinding and Polishing

Terrazzo floors date back to the fifteenth century, but it isn’t old-fashioned. The benefits of having such floor are its continuity throughout the house, its resemblance of marble (when polished properly) and its durability and easy maintenance.


As with all hard floors, polishing a terrazzo floor will restore its shine and remove small damage. Doing this, however, requires a special piece of equipment, which is not widely available.

Top quality is achieved only if all steps are followed, so don’t buy the cheapest offer on the market, as it may turn that you hired a bunch of cowboys to do a professional’s job. Our experts are experienced with all kind of floors and use state-of-the-art machinery and diamond pads to ensure your terrazzo floor gets back its lustrous beauty.


Not all damage can be removed with polishing. If your floor has stains and/or ghosting, though, those can be easily taken care of with terrazzo sanding. As with polishing, this is done with a special machinery and diamond-coated abrasive discs (each finer than the previous one). Grinding the terrazzo properly is essential to polishing follow-up, so that you have your floor look at its finest.