Floor Polishing Portsmouth

With everyday use over time, floors start to lose their fresh looks. Doesn’t matter the type of the floor. Wood, tile or concrete, the floor polishing finish will eventually become uneven and dull. This is will happened mainly on the usage of the floor. For example the high traffic areas are likely to get damaged first. Imagine schools or shopping malls hallways where lots where lots of people are passing by on daily bases. These are the types of areas that will damage first.

The good news is that our floor polishing service are designed to restore the crisp look of your floor without the need of having it sanded or grinded down.

What the floor polishing service includes?

Once our team is onsite, they will first inspect the floor. And then they will choose the most suitable method of polishing. Then we will proceed with protecting and preparing the floor.
And before a new polish is applied, the floor needs to be properly buffed in order to remove the old polish – this is where our professional equipment makes the difference – easy, fast and efficient.
After we strip the old polish, we will run some tests to identify the finish of the floor, so that we can use the right type of polish. After we’re done, please, allow six to twenty four hours for the polish to completely dry out for best results.


Please note that the polishing service is different from the floor sanding service where the whole floor needs the be sanded down in order to make it even.


The floor polishing is suitable for:


☞ Marble floors
☛ Tiles
☞ Concrete
☛ All natural stone floors
☛ All kinds of wood floors


Why hire professional polishing service?

Floor polishing is the easiest way to restore and maintain the shine on your floors. Regardless if wood, stone, marble or concrete. By applying a new coat of polish, your floor will return to their original looks and will simply look like brand new again.


The floor polishing and maintenance service are a must not only for residential properties but for commercial and social ones such as:


☛ Shopping malls
☞ Schools
☛ Pubs and bars
☞ Community areas


We specialize in floor polishing service for the last 10+ years. Our teams are highly trained and we always aim to provide the best possible result on great prices. Contact us today for Free onsite visit and quote.